The measurement of psychopathology and associated processes

Our ability to advance our understanding of psychopathology is inherently limited by the tools and frameworks we adopt. I have two lines of work based on this premise.

1) Instruments assessing clinical constructs have often been developed and validated in non-clinical settings (e.g., with university subject pools). Limited work has been conducted examining the validity and reliability of these instruments in more transdiagnostic clinical samples despite their prevalence in clinical research spanning a variety of psychiatric disorders. We have provided some of the very first psychometric research on instruments assessing constructs of significant clinical interest with a large, complex, and heterogenous psychiatric population.

Relevant work

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2) Traditional approaches to psychopathology (e.g., the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) often fail at adequately characterizing clinical disorder, as suggested by high comorbidity rates and significant heterogeneity within diagnostic categories. Therefore, alternative approaches to understanding psychopathology are needed to better carve nature at its joints. We have employed two data-intensive approaches to characterize psychopathology in a sample with significant heterogeneity and comorbidity.

Relevant work

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+Indicates the authors contributed equally.

Kean J. Hsu
Research Assistant Professor

My research interests include basic cognitive processes (e.g., attention and executive functioning), repetitive negative thinking, and emotional disorders.